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A beginner’s guide to advertising with Walmart’s Search Brand Amplifier

May 26, 2020By Shefali Singla, Group Product Marketing Manager at Walmart Media Group

Brands can now amplify their Walmart advertising strategy with Search Brand Amplifier from Walmart Media Group. Search Brand Amplifier is a premium Search ad that showcases your brand and a curated portfolio of products to customers actively searching Walmart’s site and app. Customers can be looking for products very much like yours, or more broadly in your product’s category.

Walmart’s digital properties are an important source of brand discovery for our customers, especially now: Monthly searches on the Walmart site and app are up 71% year-over-year1. Search Brand Amplifier helps you connect with our customers. These ads appear above relevant search results and include your brand logo, a custom headline and up to three automatically populated SKUs, all with clickable links.

Example of a Walmart Search Brand Amplifier featuring granola

Search Brand Amplifier uses and benefits

All SBA ads are designed to increase conversion. But Walmart’s Search Brand Amplifier also inspires awareness, keeping your brand top-of-search and top-of-mind with Walmart customers. Fifty-two percent of customers feel that Walmart ads help them discover new, interesting products2. Walmart advertisers use Search Brand Amplifier to gain share of voice, launch new or seasonal products, improve product visibility and boost the performance of higher-priced products.

In addition, Search Brand Amplifier gives advertisers access to new, less saturated ad inventory. And it’s cost-effective: You only pay when a customer clicks your ad.

Example of a Walmart Search Brand Amplifier featuring Hangry Cat brand

Search Brand Amplifier targeting options

Keyword targeting serves ads to Walmart customers searching for the keywords you specify. For example, in a Search Brand Amplifier soda campaign with exact-match keyword targeting, ads serve to Walmart customers searching for "soda". (Keyword targeting will soon include phrase-match and broad-match targeting, too.)

illustration of soda bottles

In June 2020, Walmart will also introduce Category targeting, a unique tactic that serves Search Brand Amplifier ads to customers searching any keyword within relevant product categories suggested by our algorithm. For example, in a Search Brand Amplifier soda campaign with category targeting, ads serve to Walmart customers searching the entire soft-drink category using any keyword — such as "energy drink," "flavored water" or "sweet tea."

illustration of soda bottles with new category targeting feature

Contact Walmart Media Group to learn more about using Search Brand Amplifier.

1Source: Walmart First Party Data, April 2020. Reflecting 2019 ~ 2020 average monthly search volume2Source: Walmart Spark Panel, 2020. [Data was collected through an online survey distributed to Walmart Customer Spark panel members (N- 848) managed by Customer Spark and Research Platform team (Global Data)]

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