Reach relevant shoppers at scale

Our platform connects hundreds of millions of online and offline transactions with billions of shopping behaviors to best predict intent to purchase, both in store and online. Our unique database and proprietary platform allows you to reach the most relevant audience with the highest propensity to purchase your products.

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Omni-channel shoppers spend more

Venn diagram comparing Stores vs. eCommerce spend


Our direct connection with customers and our understanding of their lifetime value is critical to our business and yours. The reason for this is simple: We now know that Walmart Store shoppers who become omni-channel shoppers spend nearly 2X as much with Walmart over time.


Not all shopping journeys are created equal

We leverage the billions of buying signals we see from our purchase data to help tell your story when, and where it matters most. In fact, we've identified three key mindsets that ultimately allow you to engage with shoppers based on their specific journey ...




Connecting with brands at an emotional level. Typically seen with Fashion, Beauty and Home brands.



Exploring all available capabilities, products and pricing. Typically seen with Baby and CE brands.



Replenishing everyday items and essentials. Typically seen with Grocery, Pet and CPG brands.