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Get discovered when it matters most.

Increase product sales and visibility and defend your market share with cost-effective ads that reach customers as they search and browse

Brand Amplifier

Improve brand recognition and showcase your product portfolio. Your logo, a custom headline and up to three of your SKUs appear at the top of relevant search results.

Buy Box

Your product appears as the most relevant alternate purchase option on product detail pages.

Choose the Sponsored Products campaign type that supports your goals

An Automatic campaign provides maximum exposure. A Manual campaign offers maximum control.


Your Sponsored Products ads are served to all customers searching for products like yours.

Ideal for brands that are new to advertising, hope to widen their existing customer base or are launching a product.

Easy setup

No keyword management

High impression volume


Your Sponsored Products ads are served to select customers based on their keyword choice.

Ideal for products with a long history on Walmart or brands that already know the keywords their customers use.

Access to Walmart’s Keyword Analytics tool

Select your own keywords

Full campaign control

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