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This Valentine’s Day Deliver Ads Customers Love

January 31, 2020By Dan Schunk, Director, Head of Creative Retail Ads at Walmart Media Group

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February is almost here, and Americans are ready to show appreciation to their loved ones. This year, Americans are projected to spend a whopping $27.4 billion, up 32 percent from last year’s record $20.7 billion, on Valentine’s Day shopping, according to the National Retail Federation — and not just on flowers and giant teddy bears.

In fact, Valentine’s Day, like all seasonal moments, is an opportunity for brands to advertise their products and services in creative ways. Here are Walmart’s top insights and creative best practices to get your digital ad campaign in shape for the occasion:

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Sweet seasonal recommendations:

1. Valentine's Day is not just for couples

Valentine’s Day is no longer just for baes. The rising popularity of alternate celebrations such as Galentine’s Day and the self-care trend prove that consumers don’t need a significant other to celebrate the universal, undeniable power of love. It also gives more brands the opportunity to put their products front-and-center for February 14 festivities.

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2. Tie into the moment

Give your brand the gift of sales uplift by putting a Valentine’s Day spin on your products. Even ads for everyday essentials can have love-themed messaging and visuals to spark joy in customers’ lives. Think Valentine-themed pillows, essential oils, candles, sleeping masks or weighted blankets. The list goes on.

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3. Showcase your brand

Don’t hide your logo! In a 2019 Marketing Land survey, 90% customers described themselves as brand-loyal. This means that the size, color and placement of your brand logo are key elements of a successful marketing campaign any time of year. (Walmart Media Group offers ad units with reserved space for logos.)

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4. Think "occasions," not "items"

Bundle together products customers would be delighted to add to their Valentine’s Day carts: An entree, dessert and drinks for a special dinner, the perfect date-night outfit or simply a PJ’s night for BFFs. Last year, 78% of traffic came from mobile devices. So be sure your ads will look good on desktop and on mobile. While multiple product images work for desktop ads, one or two images are much easier to digest on a small mobile screen.

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